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Hi Guys, I know I was supposed to post another type of drill yesterday but missed to do so because work caught up on me. But let’s move on with that. Today, lemme introduce Underturn. Who is underturn? This is one of the foundation drills that you must learn to build up your letters. A simple underturn stroke can give you letters ‘b, i, u, y, w’. So the question now is, how do you do it? Here’s how.

  • Again, your work guide under your paper or, you can write directly on it.
  • Start with applying the squared top strokes which I previously showed here.
  • Before reaching your baseline, slightly and slowly release pressure on your pen for the tines to close. Once your pen touches the baseline, the tines of your pend should be completely closed.
  • Finish it off with a stroke going upward parallel to the squared top stroke you made.
  • Don’t forget to take a look at your exemplar to compare. Keep doing this until you can finally draw a uniform set of underturns.


A common problem that you might encounter is when your nib scratches off a fibre of paper. There are 2 reasons behind it, your pen is too sharp or your paper is too thin. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal so don’t think that you’re doing something terribly wrong.

There you go guys! Keep practicing everyday, okay? I’ll see you all next Sunday as I introduce underturn’s twin! Happy writing!

❤ Bianca


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