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Hi lovelies! Today, I decided to share my everyday makeup. I used to be crazy about makeup at one point in my life that I put so much on my face and not let it breathe (ackk. I know it’s bad!). But as you get old mature, you realize you want something that looks more natural and you’re more concerned about your skin. I’d still go for heavy makeup but only for special occasions.


Bobbi Brown Brow kit in Saddle & Mahogany. I am absolutely in love with this mainly because it doesn’t disappear after a long hot day.


Benefit Air Patrol Eyelid BB Cream. I wrote a review about this product and like I said, my new favourite thing in the world.


The Face Shop Moisturising Lipstick in PP401. I would never wear shiny lipstick so when I saw that it’s moisturising and creamy matte at the same time, with the perfect colour, the next thing I know, I was already paying for it! My lips always crack so this lipstick’s a win-win for me.


Revlon blush in Naughty Nude. Not the blusher kind of girl because my cheeks are always red. But on very rare occasions when my cheeks decide to calm its shit down and makes me pale, I use this one. Probably the only blush I’ll ever use cause it gives off a natural look!


Burt’s Bess in Pink Grapefruit. Like I said, I have a bad case of lips cracking and peeling itself off so this lip balm helps to calm and moisturise it.


MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NC25. My always and forever foundation. I have been using this since 2011 and nothing comes close  to how good this is. Although I’ve tried a couple of alternatives, which worked out for me too…but not as good as this one. Other products that I tried make me break out, so I’ll always go back to this unless of course there’s a better one!

mac lipstick velvet teddy review swatches all that shimmers

MAC Matte Lipstick in Velvet Teddy. My everyday lipstick. Most of the time I’d wear it alone, sometimes I’d mix it up with other colours cause it actually blends beautifully ❤IMG_2399.JPG

And that is how I look like after that small amount of make up 🙂 I mixed up the colours of my lippie here ❤

What’s your everyday makeup products?

❤ Bianca


3 thoughts on “BEAUTY BASICS

    1. Yea, I think it depends on the natural colour of your lips. Mine doesn’t appear exactly the same as on the tube too. It’s very nude on my lips almost skin tone; that’s why I mix it up with other colours. Taupe is super nice though! I think I’m gonna get one soon! 😀


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