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Japanese food is something that I will always love. And in Dubai, there aren’t many restaurants that cater to that authentic Japanese cuisine. So when I was given the chance to try out Toko, a Sydney based Japanese restaurant, the fat kid inside me couldn’t help but feel excited.

Toko is located next to Vida Downtown Hotel. The exterior of the restaurant itself portrays a chill yet classy vibe. But, the question is, will the food be as inviting?

I went to try out their night brunch which was called the Asakusa  Izkaya  street food style. Basically, we were served a full complete course from appetisers, main course and desserts.

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Spicy Miso Soup
Crispy Peking duck salad with watercress and herbs
Raw green papaya salad with lime and coriander
Chicken Yakitori
Sushi selection, salmon tartar, snapper ceviche, tuna tacos
Black cod and prawn fish cakes with smoked red chilli relish
Home style made vegetable spring rolls

Honestly speaking, I wasn’t happy with a lot of their appetisers except for the edamame and the Crispy Peking duck salad with watercress and herbs. The miso soup was so spicy! They aren’t usually spicy right? The raw green papaya salad would have been great but that too was hella spicy! I didn’t even touch them after I had a single bite! Chicken Yakitori was okay…nothing special.

From the sushi selection, the only thing I liked was, let’s see…nothing! My friend Abi liked the Tuna tacos though, she mentioned that they didn’t have that bad fishy taste.  So I guess that one’s good. I didn’t have the tuna tacos cause I wasn’t much of a fan of raw tuna. Was disappointed with the vegetable spring rolls because come on! I can make an even better one. It’s blunt and the only sauce available that isn’t spicy is Kikkoman. I wish they included other selections that won’t burn the customer’s mouth.

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Dim Sum Baskets
Mixed seafood dumpling
Jade dumpling
Chiu chow style dumpling
Shanghai style sie mai

Everything in the dim sum basket tasted fairly good except for the jade dumpling. There’s one setback thought, they got cold too quickly as if they’ve just been heated through a microwave. So disappointed! 😦

Nikuman Sliders
Soft shell crab served with wasabi mayonnaise
BBQ duck and cucumber

I was super excited to taste their soft shell crab only to have been disappointed again 😦 Oh gosh. It would have been better it they separated the wasabi as a side dip rather than having it on the shell crab. It made it soggy and I’m pretty sure a lot of people would prefer eating a crunchy soft shell crab. I mean, that’s the main thrill of it right? BBQ Duck and cucumber was 5 stars for me finally!!!! I thought I’ve lost hope! The duck was tender and juicy and the sauce with it was a perfect match. Not to mention the bread which was soft too!

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Mochi ice-cream selection

I’ll be honest, this was by far the best part of the evening. Dessert was perfect. Need I say more?

All in all, I’d say I was disappointed with the food. The service however was exceptional. Our server, Dustin was very kind and patient enough to explain the whole concept of the night brunch. You know those kinds of restaurants that you’ll want to go back to again and again? Well, this isn’t the one unfortunately 😦 Has anyone of you tried Toko? If so, how was your experience?

❤ Bianca


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