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Hello earthlings! We’re already on our last study, and today we’re tackling the ascending and descending loops.

IMG_3112 copy.jpg

Ascending loops are mostly in letters b, h, k and l. In short, they make up the big loops above the letters which basically hits the 1st and 2nd ascender space. There are many ways to complete the ascending loop. I do it by starting in the middle of the 1st ascender space going up until I hit the 2nd ascender space and then create pressure on my pen to finally go down. Others would start from the 2nd ascender space (like how you begin when forming ovals) and then lightly add the thing stroke that will complete your loop.

IMG_3113 copy.jpg

Descending loops are mostly found in g, j and y. This is easier as you start the same way you would when doing an underturn. But instead of forming the curve on the right, you form it on the left.

There we go!

Happy Writing!

❤ Bianca


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