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Lip tint

This one’s been on my radar for quite sometime so it’s only fair to try it out and finally get my thoughts out about this stuff. Made in South Korea where the beauty market is so expansive, it becomes a no brainer when a weird (and still cool by the way) beauty product is invented.

Berrisom Lip Tint has gained quite a number of positive recommendations from beauty experts and bloggers alike, so the make-up lover that I am of course have decided to finally try it out. I’ll get straight to the point and layout all the pros and cons for you.

Lip tint


1. Stayed on my lips the whole day. No wonder it’s also called a lip tattoo.
2. Kiss proof! 😉 Once you peel off the lip tint, you don’t need to worry of having it smudged off, even after a meal like most lip tints do.
3. Gives a natural colour / tint to your lips.
4. Does not bleed during application.
5. Lots of colours to choose from.

Lip tint


1. Takes time for it to dry. You may have to wait for 10 minutes before peeling it off.
2. A bit difficult to apply at first as you need to be very precise and quick before it dries off. Applying too much will take longer to dry.
3. Not recommended for dry lips during the peeling part unless you accidentally want to peel off the skin on your lips, which you don’t want.

❤ Bianca


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