Common Makeup Mistakes




Facial contouring is now becoming increasingly popular. Contouring is giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup. Contouring is a hot topic but it’s not easy to nail. In fact, it’s rather easy to get it wrong.

The most common mistake made by women while choosing a bronzer is going for a too dark shade. It is important that the shades you choose are in harmony with your natural skin tone. Incorrect placement is the challenging and tricky part when applying contour. Take your time in identifying your high points and hollows. Many women contour their under eye area by accident. In such situations, the eye literally glow like a light bulb which looks disastrous.

Wearing too much blush when contouring is another common mistake. Your face has already been highlighted and bronzed, adding loads of blush would be a big mistake. You do not want to overpower the contouring. Blending is what brings out all the magic on your face. Blending improperly will lead to a cakey result. Use the right blending brush and make sure there are no harsh lines. Lastly, using excessive highlight will never help in a successful contouring. You surely want to look radiant but not glow in the dark. Highlight just the base areas of your face, such as the bridge of your nose, the top of your cheekbones and the base of your chin.



Overdoing your lip liner. This may seem like the perfect way to fake the bigger lips, but it only makes the lines more noticeable, unnatural and unattractive. If you want fuller lips, try using a lip plumper and stick to drawing directly on the line. The liner should be subtle and blended in with the lipstick.

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Piling on too much mascara doesn’t make your lashes look better and will instead cause them to stick together. As a rule, two to three coats is plenty. And don’t just brush it on, a side to side motion works the best when applying mascara.

Smokey eyes, not black eyes. There’s the smokey eye look and there’s the panda eyes; know the difference. The perfect smokey eye should be a series of colour across the lid instead of a lid covered entirely black. Remember to blend blend and blend. Nothing wrong with making a statement or going bold with your attire, unfortunately I don’t recommend you to try it with your eyeshadow. There are certain occasions to wear bright eyeshadows. For a night out keep your eyeshadow soft and natural. Don’t attract attention for the wrong reasons.

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