For quite sometime, we’ve probably gotten used to attending FFWD at Madinat Jumeirah. However, for its 7th season, it took place at the Dubai Design District. We quite wondered how it will all be, the experience, the location and the activities that will be waiting for us all. The FW16 line up was incredible although we’ll be honest and say that we weren’t really impressed with how the whole event turned out.

Yes, the place was sophisticated and chic and the weather really got along with the whole event. There were even cute swings on trees that we’re sure all the fashionistas and bloggers alike enjoyed. But, the aura of it all was not quite what we expected. The lively scene from last year cannot at all be matched to this year’s FFWD which was quite disappointing as there was something that wasn’t at all in the right place.


Firstly, the cafe’s and bars, were scattered everywhere. Unlike last year where everything was in one place, this year, there was one cafe at the entrance, another next to the entrance (which was quite hidden) and then the rest which was right at the back. Last year was way better and everything was evidently organised.

Secondly, Wi-Fi. Yes. We know that we’re in a fashion show and that we should focus our attention to what’s important. In today’s world though, everyone wants to be updated about things and people want to share things ASAP, so that was a bit of a drawback. However, on the other hand, we quite understand why they might not have provided free internet because really, it’s a fashion show, people should engage with others, meet someone new and discover something amazing too.


Basically, the only thing we’re really disappointed about was the lack of vibe and life. There weren’t enough activities that the guests could enjoy comparing to last year; and because of that, we also noticed that there weren’t a lot of people who attended the event. Other came and left after an hour or so. The line up of fashion designers was just as good as last year and we have no complaints about that. But hey, this is the first time FFWD was held at D3 and they’re probably working on how to improve the next fashion show in about eight months. That is, if they’re still planning it to be held at the same location.



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