life lately


Another month has come and gone and I can’t believe it’s May already! April has been a month of awesome opportunities and I can’t wait for what the new month has in store for me. On another note, I will be travelling again soon!

In the meantime, here are my favourite highlights of the month.


Boyce Avenue concert where I was able to not only interview Alejandro, we were also given complementary tickets to watch them live!


Paperchase was miraculously on sale solely at MOE and it was on 75% off. Of course being the stationary and art hoarder that I am, took advantage of the sale and bought a new notebook and sticky notes which I probably won’t use anytime soon. In addition, the blackwing pencils came as a gift from CND. YAY!


Caroline Herrera sent over this limited edition Central Park perfume a few days back and it’s currently my favourite! The scent is heavenly. Really!


Kicked off the last day of April drowning happily into the beautiful music of Rudimental and all the other line ups during LMYW.

How was your April, loves?

❤ Bianca


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