Just last month, I along with my family, went on a road trip in the US. We were driving from Seattle to Idaho > Utah > Las Vegas > Los Angeles > San Francisco > Oregon and finally back to Seattle. A road trip is fun but it can get very tiring because you end up driving for at least 12 hours a day with 5-10 minute break every 4-5 hours or so. And because everything we did had to be quick and on the go, I made sure to pack only the most important beauty essentials with me (which was pretty hard to do) so I can at least look decent during the tiring journey.

Always be cautious about the change in your skin type when you travel. I have oily skin when I’m in Dubai but when I travel to colder places like the US or Canada, my skin gets really dry on my cheek area and oily on my t-zone. Thank goodness for Cetaphil because this baby works like a charm! The cleanser is gentle on the skin so I’m able to wash my face day and night and not worry about it getting too dry or oily. I’m going to have to say the same thing about the moisturiser because it keeps my skin balanced throughout the day. When my cheeks get dry on some days because of the cold, I simply re-apply and it never disappoints!

For days when I’m in a rush, Bioderma’s first protective moisturising mist does the trick. I’m going to talk more about the product on another post because I kind of have a couple of things to say about it. One thing’s for sure though, this bottle is worth a repurchase and definitely the one to carry when you’re on the go.


 THIS IS A MIRACLE! A LIFE SAVER! I kind of underestimated the weather before we arrived in the US. I thought it would be hot just like the last time we were there but unfortunately, winter decided to stay a little longer this year which…sucked the life out of my skin. It got so dry and dehydrated that at one point it started flaking out. But thanks to Clinique’s moisture surge, in just two days (I’m not even exaggerating) my skin looked a lot better! Apply this gel at night (because you know what they say, rejuvenation is always better at night) and expect to wake up the next morning with brighter skin 🙂


Your skin isn’t the only thing you’re supposed to be looking after when you travel. Take care of your nails too! There are instances where the cold can get your nails brittle (of course if your body isn’t used in that kind of weather) like it did mine unfortunately 😦 But, I didn’t have to worry because this cuticle ‘elixir’ saved not only my cuticles but my brittle nails too!


My Bobbi Brown eyebrow palette, Kat Von D in Lolita lip cream, NARS velvet matte foundation, EOS lip balm and Arcancil loose powder are my to go make-up essentials everyday. If I don’t feel like wearing makeup, or when there aren’t any photo ops while on the road, I’d simply apply my moisturiser and dub on the loose powder for a matte finish 🙂

What are your road trip essentials?

❤ Bianca


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