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Hello earthlings! We’re already on our last study, and today we’re tackling the ascending and descending loops.

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25-31 OVALS

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I know I’ve been gone a week but something sad happened over the last week as we have lost a member of the family. Life goes on though. So let’s move on shall we?

Today, we’re going to tackle ovals and this makes up many letters of the alphabet. Let me show you how it’s done.


Creating ovals are somewhat similar to underturns. The only difference is that, you’re creating a circle and you

  • begin drawing your ovals with closed tines.
  • drag you pen down a little, create pressure for your tines to open.
  • before reaching your baseline, gradually release pressure
  • make a curve going up closing the circle.

Happy writing!

❤ Bianca


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Hi Guys, I know I was supposed to post another type of drill yesterday but missed to do so because work caught up on me. But let’s move on with that. Today, lemme introduce Underturn. Who is underturn? This is one of the foundation drills that you must learn to build up your letters. A simple underturn stroke can give you letters ‘b, i, u, y, w’. So the question now is, how do you do it? Here’s how.