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Achieving the Granny Hair with Sevelin Beauty Center

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Last week we posted a review on the Sevelin Beauty Center, where we were invited to try out their services. Safe to say we were there for the whole day, I also took the opportunity to take a step closer to achieving my dream hair: Gray/Granny hair. It’s been a trend all over, and I kept putting it off since I know the maintenance of such hair, would be damaging, and costly. WTH, I decided to go for it when they offered to do the first step, which is basically bleaching my hair. Hair will grow back, I really didn’t mind now. So I wanted to share with you, my first hair adventure.


My hair is naturally, fine, thin, straight and jet black. You’ll notice how the ends still have that dipped ombre effect, I just let my hair grow out after having all my hair dyed brown years ago. They told me that they would have to bleach it, I knew it was going to make my hair dry up, because of its naturally dark pigments.



Above you’ll see Megha (left) and AJ (right), applying the first round (yes I had two rounds of this!) of bleach onto my hair. I sat for about 3 hours before they finally washed it off, I’ve got to tell you, those foils are heavy!


The bleach really did its work on my hair, but I knew I was one step closer, I almost didn’t want them to apply the actual color. It’s advisable to come in with virgin hair if you want to dye your hair a color, that has something to do with bleaching your hair.


The next step was applying the first layer of color, which will help in making my hair lighter for the gray color that I want. After applying it, they treated my hair with Luxury of Royalty by Crystal products.


So this is the final effect of the first treatment that I received, after about a month, I came back and they finally colored it the gray color I have always wanted. One of the best things I love about this place is that they really take care of your hair, and they will give you options on what colors would go best. I also loved the ombre effect they gave me.

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Pampered Weekend with Sevelin

Beauty, beauty review, Review

We had the most pampered weekend ever! The Style Hub was invited over last Saturday for a full day of relaxation and pampering at the Sevelin Beauty Center in Deira.

The Sevelin Beauty Center opened last September and has already received high ratings from its customers. Located at Clock Plaza, opposite Al Rigga Post Office in Deira, the place boasts of quality service and products. We were invited over by the owner Jenny Oskan, and were treated to a full day of complimentary services of our picking. We basically opened and closed the shop last Saturday, but it was all worth it.

It was Mae’s first time visiting the salon, Bianca on the other hand, has already visited it numerous times.

The Sevelin Beauty Center consists of 5 rooms, dedicated to the specific treatments they perform. They have the Hair & Make-Up area, which consists of a spacious room, along with a sitting area, and washing corner.

The second room is reserved for the mani-pedi’s, and the luxury treatments your hands and feet can get.

The massage room is one of my favourite areas, here you can either get a relaxing Swedish massage or a body wax.

I like to call this the ‘White Room’, where you can treat your gorgeous face to a facial.

Last but not the least, our ultimate favorite room, this is where you can get a legit Morrocan Bath, from a lovely Moroccan lady named Layla.

They have a wide range of products to make sure you are taken care of in the best way possible.

You can also help yourselves to their complimentary juice and cookies.

The Royal Treatment

We arrived as soon as they opened, which was 10:00am, we wanted to get there early so that we would have enough time to try out all the treatments they have available.

We were greeted with the morning chatter of the ladies at the salon, where they showed us all the different rooms, and what kind of treatments they offer. We decided to go for the following: Traditional Moroccan Bath, Full Bikini (Brazilian) Wax, Aroma Therapy Massage, Hair Coloration.

Moroccan Bath

The ladies suggested that we do the Traditional Moroccan Bath first since we wanted to have hair treatments that day (the steam would mess up the treatments). It was our first time to try out a Moroccan Bath, and we felt a bit awkward at first due to the fact that a stranger was going to scrub me down. Layla is the lady who gives the Moroccan Bath and she is from Morocco herself and has been doing it for the last 15 years.

She smeared some Moroccan soap all over our bodies first and steamed up the room for about 15 minutes or so, they explained that this is so the soap will be absorbed by the skin and thus making it softer, which will easily help clean away all the dirt. After which, Layla scrubbed down our whole body using a special glove, after rinsing, she lathered some shampoo and conditioner in our hair. After we were done, our skin felt as smooth and silky as a baby, we never realized we had so many dead skin cells and dirt on our skin, despite the fact that we scrub down every day.

Full Bikini Wax (Brazilian)

Mae: When waxing I always used to go for the hot wax, but they told me to try out the cold wax because it’s safer. They were right, though, as I’ve heard stories from friends of mine who had a small patch of skin waxed off because of the hot wax. So ladies, if you haven’t already tried cold wax, I suggest you switch now, it’s easier and safer.

Aroma Therapy Massage

Mae: Sitting for long hours in the office, your back and shoulders tends to ache, and a massage was what we really needed. By the end of the session, I actually fell asleep and it felt so good and relaxing afterwards.

Mae will share how Sevelin Beauty Center helped her achieve her hair goals in a separate blog post. So watch out for that!

In the meantime, do visit Sevelin Beauty Center or follow them on their social media to get awesome deals. We’ll also be giving away a few vouchers soon, so watch out for that as well!

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