Just last month, I along with my family, went on a road trip in the US. We were driving from Seattle to Idaho > Utah > Las Vegas > Los Angeles > San Francisco > Oregon and finally back to Seattle. A road trip is fun but it can get very tiring because you end up driving for at least 12 hours a day with 5-10 minute break every 4-5 hours or so. And because everything we did had to be quick and on the go, I made sure to pack only the most important beauty essentials with me (which was pretty hard to do) so I can at least look decent during the tiring journey.




IMG_2270 copy.jpg

When it comes to lipstick, the colour that will never be missing in my endless stock of lippies would be red. Last year my lipstick box was flooded with so much red and a bunch of other colours that I had to throw them out cause they were sitting in there for too long. You know you’re only supposed to use those lippies for a year after opening them right? Good. Okay. So I had to get rid of them because who knows what kind of bacteria is trying to breed in there. So now, I’m down to a few and those few still consists of mostly red. Here are my faves!